Stage: Completed project
Project year: 2019
Area: 134 sq.m.
Location: Odesa, Ukraine
Address: st. Greecheskaya 40
Designer: Ivanna Gaidarzhy, Dmitriy SivakCyrill Verbych
Photo: Anton Garets

KULT is a barbershop located in Odessa in the old part of the city, in the very center next to the famous Deribasovskaya street. We got a room 100 meters in the old building, from which there was only a dilapidated facade. It was impossible to put anything heavy on wooden floors, even tiles, so we had the option of either linoleum or bulk floor. The client did not want to see the loft in the understanding of the style that it has become widespread today. The design was supposed to be without old bricks, posters with haircuts and typical solutions for barbershops.

The room needed to accommodate many additional features. The client wanted to add a tattoo parlor and pedicure for men and women. In addition, there was no place to relax, so we designed a mezzanine on which we could place sofas and an additional technical room. We had very tight deadlines, only 1.5 months for the project and 1.5 months for the entire construction, so we chose the simplest solutions. 

There was no time to come up with complex and experimental design solutions, there was no time for error. Therefore, we just aligned the walls and covered it with specially designed decorative plaster for us, saving time. When you work in a very accelerated mode, there is no time to doubt yourself, you immediately draw a clear line without trembling in your hand.

The color scheme and design details were invented almost immediately. Part of the project was created during construction. All furniture, fixtures and plumbing were made according to our sketches. The walls were covered with rough decorative plaster, as this solution helped save time on preparing the walls. 

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