The 5th Pearl

Stage: Project
Project year: 2015
Area: 95 sq.m.
Location: Odesa, Ukraine
Team: Artem Trigubchak, Dmitriy Sivak

The interior of this apartment was planned for the young couple, which was open to experiments and fresh ideas. The customers didn’t want “the furniture for the sake of furniture”, besides two big cats in many respects narrowed the choice of upholstery. Everything is the maximum possible hidden and functional, minimum of decor and embellishment. The solution of headboard in bedroom was born not coincidentally. On the one hand, there was a ledge of column which couldn’t be removed in any of the ways, what was annoying for the customers. Eventually there appeared a solution of a big wardrobe, which framed the bed and served functionally and decoratively. The interior totally corresponds to the initial project and was realized without any slightest changes.

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