Luxury apartment in Kyiv

Year: 2020
Area: 204 sq.m.
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Designer: Alexey Gulesha

2-floor apartment in Kiev was designed for a luxury life but with a cozy shade.
The living room has large panoramic windows with a length of 5 meters, which allowed us to use natural light as the main one and only complement it a little with small built-in lamps by Viabizzuno.

Dinning area also has a special light which is a chandelier by Ingo Maurer. It adds a cozy atmosphere above this gentle dinning table by Desalto. Also every guest has an opportunity to leave a small art or sign on this paper pieces and to become a part of this room forever.

The master bedroom is a very private space for a couple, but is very free and openminded inside same as our client.
The idea of a guest bedroom was this play of light on the wall covered by steel plates.
Every bathroom has it’s own character. For example you can see that kid’s and guest bathroom are very different by the atmosphere.
The client wanted to add as more cabinets and shelves as possible to hide all bottles, shampoos and cosmetics so here you can see how we solved it.

Floorplan of the 1st and 2nd floors:

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