Fitness club in Korsun

Stage: project
Project year: 2018
Area: 600 sq.m
Location: Korsun-shevchenkovsky, Ukraine
Team: Maksym Iuriichuk, Dmitry Sivak, Ivanna Gaidarzhy, Artem Perepelitsa, Cyrill Verbych

Korsun-Shevchenkovsky is a small town near Kyiv. The population of the city only 20,000 people, but people deserve a modern fitness club, especially since there are no clubs in the city at all.
One floor was given completely to the group classroom and gym, the second floor was given as a room for children.
We tried to use simple materials: painting, plywood, concrete, so that the project was easier to implement, given the remoteness of the city from large raw materials bases and specialists in complex coatings.
Unfortunately, the project was frozen and, most likely, will never be implemented.

Rooms for children

Reception and cafe

Hall for group lessons

+380 (63) 343 74 89