Private house in Odessa

Private house
Odessa, Ukraine

The task:

To create project of a small private house

The stage:


The area:

198 sq.m.

A young family wanted to build a private house in a quiet area of ​​Odessa and turned to us for a project. The development of the project of this house went smoothly and thanks to the client’s confidence we were able to implement many daring solutions.

Dmitry Shmatenko




The hinged facade of the 2nd floor is designed so that in a closed phase the volume looks like a massive cube, emphasizing the crushingness, lightness and transparency of the 1st floor.

We have designed the 1st floor light and transparent to visually expand the courtyard space. It is formed of vertical concrete blocks, arranged so that the entire first floor is visible through. The same concrete blocks serve as a support for a massive holistic volume of the 2nd floor. 2_3ф
план первого этажа

план второго этажа


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