Office for an investment company







To create a space which will motivate employees to be more productive

The project of this office was partly inspired by the book "Ruthless management" by Den Kennedy. The main idea in the design of this space was that employees should spend more time at work and useful activities and less idle and waste time. Therefore, in the kitchen there is not much space for joint gatherings or cooking, but only a small bar tabletop and two chairs.

But next to the kitchen there is a comfortable lounge area with a large number of useful books, brochures, catalogs and all sorts of interesting things. It is convenient to retire, read over a cup of coffee or hold a small meeting with partners or clients.

The main room is a workspace with a small area behind the glass in order to be able to hold meetings with the team or having a Skype calls.

Even in the bathroom on a small mirror near the sink there is an inscription in russian that reminds employees not to spent hours looking on themselves in the mirror but return to work.



Alexey Gulesha

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