The house near Moscow

Moscow, Russia,

The task:

To create light and bright interior of four-storey house in classical style.

The stage:

Project is on the stage of realization.

The area:

400 sq. m

Clients have been dreaming about neoclassical light interior for all their life. Any other interiors didn’t evoke their response as much as the slats on the wooden facades of furniture, moldings and high classical plinths. It was decided to make a contemporary vision of neoclassic with the minimum quantity of decor on the walls, with simple, but interesting by shape furniture, trying to keep the budget at most, since building volumes are quite big for one family. Painting on moldings on the walls, a small quantity of wide cornices and some other decisions allowed for the construction relatively easy and quickly to get the required spirit of the interior.

Lead architects:

Dmitriy Sivak, Artem Trigubchak , Maksym Iuriichuk

The designer:

Maksym Iuriichuk

The architect:

Olga Chaikovska
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