Odessa Favorite

Odessa, Ukraine,

The task:

To create a modern, fairly minimalistic interior without fear of using of grey and black colors.

The stage:

Project is on the stage of realization.

The area:

The best projects are created when the customer finds a designer by his works and the unified vision of interior. In this case the work is not prolonged for unnecessary agreements and discussion of details; everyone understands what they want from the interior anyway. The client has been for a long time acquainted with our works and everyone was only waiting for the appearance of the house where would be possible to implement mutual bold ideas. The house is for a family which should be modern and dynamic without any ruches and bows.

Lead architects:

Dmitriy Sivak, Artem Trigubchak

The designer:

Yevhen Zahorodnii

The architect:

Anna Verbych
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