Minger, Tatarstan

The task:

To elaborate the architectural solution for the region development.

The stage:

Project offer.

Minger — a settlement in a hundred kilometers from Kazan. It’s been well-known in the whole region for carrying of Sabantui holiday there. In the last few years the extensive works of site improvements have been carried. There was organized a number of artificial lakes, where it was planned to arrange hotel recreation complexes. One of the tasks also is to make a settlement more attractive for start-up of private business.

A landscaping amenities project was developed by us.

Curator of the project:

Artem Trigubchak

The architecture:

Kyrylo Verbych
Artem Trigubchak
Maksym Iuriichuk
Dmytro Shmatenko
Oleksii Gulesha
Angelyna Stelmah


For active development of the region the infrastructure is needed. The administrative complex plays the key part in this, hereafter — HUB. HUB combines with a few options. The main one is providing of administrative and consulting services for both Minger and region citizens. The main task is to simplify at maximum setting up and maintenance of private business.

Beyond that there are also in it: a library, computer classrooms, lecture halls for giving lectures and master classes, an open co-working zone, a coffee corner and a cinema. A huge indoor greenhouse borders upon the building.

oth, region citizens and visitors, who are having rest on the lakes, can make use of all this.

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Temporary HUB

There was also developed a project of temporary HUB - an object, which it is possible to put into service promptly and the one which will be able to fulfill administrative, consulting as well as educative functions right at the beginning of region development work.

The main requirements for temporary HUB are: velocity and simplicity of putting it into operation. As a base of the project it was taken a warehouse, which was located on the territory of the settlement. The building itself is a frame construction, which does not have the columns inside, that simplify the work of replanning a lot and also exploration of the internal space. The building is already linked up with all communication lines, and also basic winterization works and the floors are done. All this minimizes basic engineering expenses.




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General concept


Functional area Planning

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Kazan – the capital of sport.
A modest temporary office of Artem


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