Lake house

Transcarpathia, Ukraine


Creating a workshop house.


Design phase.


700 sq. m

A workshop house for a fashion designer. She likes to work together with her team behind one large table. Her workshop has many fabrics and new garment models, which had direct bearing upon the layout of the new house.

Her work means entire life for her, and the client strongly opposed the idea of making her house a summer retreat only, so it took us a lot of efforts to persuade her not to make a sewing workshop on the shore of a lake. In the end, a substantial part of the house became devoted to work that may smoothly turn into leisure.

The house has two floors. The garage and maintenance facilities are located on the first floor, while all residential premises including a swimming pool occupy the second floor. Local climate and terrain allowed us to make a lot of panoramic lighting and open terraces, create a huge atrium and import the swimming pool from the street into the interior, thus completely destroying the house’s geometric integrity and erasing the boundaries between the interior and exterior. At the same time, the house had to retain its individual form and shape, expressing the character and spirit of its owner.


Dmitriy Sivak, Dmitry Shmatenko
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