The house in Skhodnya

Moscow, Skhodnya, Russia

The task:

To complete the facade of the house and to create the interior in neoclassical style.

The stage:


The area:

242 sq. m

The customers didn’t yield to temptation of using of popular interior styles, but decided to see their house and the interior in the direction which was closer to them – in neoclassic style. For the moment of beginning of our work the house has already had a constructive solution and the main architectural volume, we had only to decorate the facade, using the narrow range of facade materials actually. The house has a wooden frame and most of the facade materials basically just couldn’t be used. Nevertheless, the task had to be accomplished and for this we used Nichiha panels. The interiors were performed sometimes in quite bold color solutions. In the living room is used bright blue color, and on the contrary in bedroom – just the shades of grey color.

The designers:

Dmitriy Sivak, Artem Trigubchak

The architect:

Kyrylo Verbych

The design engineer of energy-efficient frame houses:

Dmitriy Suprun
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