Black interior

St Petersburg, Russia

The task:

To create totally black interior for bachelor.

The stage:

Project is on the stage of realization.

The area:

43 sq. m

Black color into interior suits not to everyone, but in this case customer set a direct and bold task – the interior should be totally black. The flat has not very big area, only 43 sq. m, but at that four zones have managed to accommodate successfully in one placement straight away: kitchen, bedroom, cabinet, living room. In the flat there will live only the customer with his passion and he was totally contented with an open layout. To divide this area for additional accommodations had no sense. The bed is detached by a curtain of a rough textile at day time changing the space, and it is not supposed to cook a lot at the kitchen actually, that is why here no one is afraid of the smell of food. The bold apartment by layout as well as by color solution that is why it was double interesting for us as for developing of design.

The designers:

Dmitriy Sivak, Artem Trigubchak
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