Apartment for summer holidays

Odessa, Ukraine


Designing an apartment for rent in summertime.


Construction complete.


80 sq. m

Designers know how to wait. Even if a project takes several years to implement, a designer is keen to see his ideas materializing. Contractors, builders and politicians come and go, but designers humbly wait for the chance to see their work in real life. We waited, too, and now are happy to publish our new work. This project did not have a specific objective regarding the interior image. The apartment might be subsequently rented to the most diverse people, so we had to create a universal interior design with the emphasis on pragmatism. The kitchen has counter that does not retain fingerprints, the walls are paneled and the floor is tiled a la parquet, because the entrance door leads straight into the living room. The beauty and pragmatism turned out to be year-long, and in the summer, the sea is happily within a 10-minute walking distance.


Dmytriy Sivak, Artem Tryhubchak


Alexey Gulesha

design engineer:

Kyrylo Verbych

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