Odessa, Ukraine

The task:

To create modern and practical interior for the young married couple.

The stage:

The project has been realized.

The area:

110 sq. m

One of the indispensable conditions of the customer during the planning was the unwillingness to see the door in living room. The former designers offered options where it was solved due to additional corridors that as per our opinion only took away the space of the apartment. This is why we proposed a resolution, where the doors were the part of one entire decorative wall, so that they got lost between seams of panels and became invisible. Thus, the flat lost its unnecessary corridors and received an expressive wall, unique in its own way. Here it’s not the end of extraordinary interior and planning solutions – in bathroom, for example, a bathtub is located behind the mirror with washstands, due to this it turned out to create uncommon space. In bedroom the wall behind the bed is resolved in gypsum panels on which the decorative plaster was applied, and all this together is framed by wooden panels veneered with walnut. The project, despite its technical complexity, also has been realized, as it was projected, none of the decisions hasn’t been removed.

The designers:

Dmitriy Sivak, Artem Trigubchak

The photograph:

Vitalii Vovnenko
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