Fitness club Palestra

Kiev, Ukraine

The task:

To create an interior with the unique image of the new network of fitness clubs Palestra

The stage:

Construction complete.

The area:

1000 sq. m

The most of sport establishments are the mixture of pattern solutions, where there are posters of sportsmen on the walls, medals and cups are hang out everywhere, and the interiors by their own are made in the most primitive manner – bright colors on the walls and cheap linoleum on the floor. All this looks like gymnasiums of soviet schools. From the very beginning we set a goal to make the interior where sport is not as an end in itself, but it is a part of daily life. When constant campaign to the gym is a pleasant habit, tending to gradual improving of the figure and health, and the interior is not the place where tearing the chains by teeth athletes are looking at you from all the sides. On the contrary, the interior was working out in the way that there would be comfortable to do the sport and to relax after loads in no less full-fledged interior than cafe or restaurant.

The designers:

Dmitriy Sivak, Artem Trigubchak

The architect:

Kyrylo Verbych

The photograph:

Vladimir Shurubura


Vitalii Vovnenko

Branding agency:


The address of club:

Obolonskaya embankment 1, Kiev

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