Kiev, Irpen

Kiev, Ukraine

The task:

To create the interior of blocked house.

The stage:

Project on the stage of realization.

The area:

120 sq. m

Private house not always means large areas and a pool in the yard. Clients came with a house not much bigger by area than an apartment, but which has some specific issues because of geometry of the roof, existence of stairs in this area and absence of the possibility of full-scale replanning. We have decided to prove to the client that a project without replanning is not a verdict yet and it’s always possible to make a good design.


Dmitriy Sivak, Artem Trigubchak,
together with Yevhen Zahorodnii

Project developer:

Kyrylo Verbych
1 2 34 56 7 89 1011 1213 14

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