Салон красоты Beaty point

Beauty salon, Odessa, Ukraine

The task:

Создать салон красоты для милых дам

The stage:

Проект реализован

The area:

70 кв. м

The address:

Ekaterinenskaya 39

Girls love when the design surprises. We could not just hang a chandelier, fill the floor and paint the walls. In the beauty salon the craftsmen create new hairstyles, make up, manicure, and our task was only to create a suitable background for this beauty and to design spectacular lighting. Therefore, the entire interior is made in light colors and is accompanied by a large amount of lighting. All furniture is made individually and decorates the interior with bright spots of textiles and metal.

Dmitriy Sivak
Dmitriy Shmatemko
Cyrill Verbych
Iva Gaidarghy

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