Odessa, Ukraine

The task:

To create an appartment for rent

The stage:


The area:

50 sq. m.

The apartment was intended for leasing, so the client was ready for non-standard planning decisions and he actively offered them. For example, the walls in the bathroom and in the laundry are completely glass. A certain degree of privacy still needs to be in the toilet, so we used a smart glass that changes its transparency when the switch is pressed. This made it possible to make the room light even in its far part from the window, at the entrance door, where the kitchen and living room is located. The person presses the button and the bathroom walls become completely opaque, and at other times the whole room will be well lit when needed. For each family and each person the same apartment can be differently solved in the layout. In this case, the priority was a bed by the window, so that waking up to see the city and the sea.

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