We create interiors
in which people enjoy life.

We design offices that increase the productivity of the team. We run restaurants and commercial facilities that attract customers.
Our offices are in Kiev and Odessa, and projects are being built in more than ten countries.
We work with private and corporate clients. We design houses, apartments, offices, cafes, restaurants, hotels and more. We are interested in any new tasks.


Dmitriy Sivak Lead architect,
interior designer
Maksym Iuriichuk Architect
Alexey Gulesha Architect
Kyrylo Verbych Architect
Artem Perepelitsa Architect
Iva Gaidarzhi Designer
Ann Verbych Architect
Stefan Gurtovoy Architect
Anastasia Abravitova Architect
Why do our customers recommend us to friends

At the end of the project we develop a table with all the articles of the interior items used in the design project for free.
Detailed equipment, even including baseboards and switches.

Project supervision in any city of the world
For each project we have our own construction schedule, we will remind you when and what you need to buy.
Ищем крутых ребят для очень интересной работы. Если вы хотите создавать интерьеры, проектировать здания и не можете без этого представить свою жизнь, пишите нам! С нас стул, стол, компьютер и кофе машина с конфетками. Если у вас отличные работы, но вы в другом городе, все равно пишите, возможна удаленная работа.
Designer visualizer
3D max, Corona, V-ray, Photoshop
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