Genuezska apartment

Stage: Completed projectYear: 2020Area: 64 sq.m.Location: Odessa, UkraineTeam: Ivanna Gaidarzhy, Anastasiia Abravitova, Dmytriy SivakPhoto: Angelina Golt, Dmytriy Sivak, Alexey Gulesha Simplicity and functionalism were the two main wishes of the client for this Hehuezska apartment. Our task was to use a minimum of decor and different types of finishing materials, making the apartment the most […]

Luxury apartment in Kyiv

Year: 2020 Area: 204 sq.m. Location: Kyiv, Ukraine Designer: Alexey Gulesha 2-floor apartment in Kiev was designed for a luxury life but with a cozy shade. The living room has large panoramic windows with a length of 5 meters, which allowed us to use natural light as the main one and only complement it a […]


Project year: 2019 Designer: Dmytriy Sivak Photo: Anri Tisho   The frozen movement of static forms in the chair, as a quote from destil and avant-garde of the early 20th century. Despite the right angles, it is soft on all sides and allows a person to sit in any comfortable position. The chair belongs to accent […]


Stage: Completed project Project year: 2019 Area: 112 sq.m. Location: Kyiv, Ukraine Team: Ivanna Gaidarzhy, Dmytriy Sivak, Cyrill Verbych, Anna KutsenkoPhoto: Andrey Avdeenko  The apartment in the historical center of Kiev, in the old house was already with finished flooring and a real, working fireplace. The client was not ready for minimalism and for a long […]

50 meters of grey

Stage: Completed project Year: 2018 Area: 50 sq.m. Designer: Dmitry Sivak

K. Residence

Stage: project Project year: 2019 Area: 85 sq.m. Location: Kyiv, Ukraine Designer: Maksym Iuriichuk The project was created for the client, who sometimes gets bored with life in the city, traffic jams and noise, but does not want to lower the level of comfort; a small summer house near Kiev was created. It has everything […]

Men’s cave

Year: 2019 Area: 81 sq.m. Location: Omsk, RU Architects: Alexey Gulesha Our client is a young guy who is actively involved in business, sports and travel. He asked us to upgrade the 1st floor of his old house in the Men’s cave style. There are a lot of windows in the house so we decided […]


Stage: Completed project Project year: 2017-2018 Area: 45 sq.m. Location: Odessa, Ukraine Designer: Artem Trigubchak Photo: Iva Gaidarzhy This project is different in two things: it was made without visualizations; the apartment has several rooms, but almost no brick walls. The client was a young girl and one of the main priorities was a large […]

Apartment with library

Stage: Completed project Project year: 2016-2017 Area: 140 sq.m. Location: Kyiv, Ukraine Team: Dmitry Sivak, Artem Trigubchak, Maksym Iuriichuk, Alexey Gulesha, Olga Chaikovskaya Photo: Ivanna Gaidarzhy, Dmitriy Sivak Clients liked the Scandinavian interiors for its simplicity and ease. But today we didn’t want to go on the path of borrowing ideas from Scandinavian interiors, therefore we […]

Sabansky apartment

Stage: project Project year: 2018 Area: 90 sq.m. Location: Odessa, Ukraine Designer: Ivanna Gaidarzhy Sometimes, in addition to the basic version that is developed with the client, another worthy idea is born. The development of the design of this apartment went another way and construction has already begun. But we want to share an alternative […]