Beach Hotel in Odessa

  Year: 2020Area: 134 sq.m.Location: Odessa, UAArchitects: Alexey Gulesha This room is the first part of a large hotel project, which I started to design half a year ago. The design of this interior was inspired by the James Bond movies from 80th. I wanted to make one number not like the rest. It will […]

Restaurant in Odessa

Stage: project offer Project year: 2019 Area: 150 sq.m. Location: Odessa, Ukraine Address: st. Deribasovska 33 Team: Maksym Iuriichuk, Ivanna Gaidarzhy We were asked to develop the concept of a restaurant in Odessa and we developed two options according to the originally given direction. 


Stage: Completed projectProject year: 2019Area: 134 sq.m.Location: Odessa, UkraineAddress: st. Greecheskaya 40Kult.madeDesigner: Ivanna Gaidarzhy, Dmitriy Sivak, Cyrill VerbychPhoto: Anton Garets KULT is a barbershop located in Odessa in the old part of the city, in the very center next to the famous Deribasovskaya street. We got a room 100 meters in the old building, from which […]


Stage: Completed project Project year: 2019 Area: 134 sq.m. Location: Odessa, Ukraine Address: st. Rishelevska 33 Team: Maksym Iuriichuk, Dmitry Sivak, Cyrill Verbych Photo: Anton Garets “Daily” is a place you can visit on a daily basis in order to drink coffee, to have a chat, to work or just to spend some good time. There […]


  Designer: Alexey Gulesha The Orb lamp is the first one I have developed. The name “Orb” goes from the word “orbit”. If you look closely you will see the earth and moon in form of the lamp. Power is supplied through the cord with Type-C.If the cord will accidentally bends or will be pressed […]

Fitness club in Korsun

Stage: projectProject year: 2018Area: 600 sq.mLocation: Korsun-shevchenkovsky, UkraineBranding: worth.agencyTeam: Maksym Iuriichuk, Dmitry Sivak, Ivanna Gaidarzhy, Artem Perepelitsa, Cyrill Verbych Korsun-Shevchenkovsky is a small town near Kyiv. The population of the city only 20,000 people, but people deserve a modern fitness club, especially since there are no clubs in the city at all.One floor was given completely […]

Office space in Kiev, Ukraine

  Year: 2019Area: 96 sq.m.Location: Kiev, UADesigners: Alexey Gulesha The project of this office was partly inspired by the book “Ruthless management” by Den Kennedy. The main idea in the design of this space was that employees should spend more time at work and useful activities and less idle and waste time. Therefore, in the […]

Breadway Bakery

Stage: Completed project Project year: 2018 Area: 70 sq.m. Location: Odessa, Ukraine Address: Kanatnaya st., 19/21 Team: Artem Trigubchak, Lera Brumina Branding: Photo: Ivanna Gaidarzhy The project was implemented without a single visualization, only a sketch-up model and the client’s trust. The client was hard to decide on bold innovative color solutions, so it took a lot […]

IT-company office

Stage: project Project year: 2018 Area: 350 sq.m. Location: Kyiv, Ukraine Team: Maksym Iuriichuk, Dmitry Sivak, Ivanna Gaidarzhy We were approached by a young but ambitious it-company to develop the concept of their new office. The guys dreamed of a space in which the working areas would smoothly flow into a quiet secluded space for […]

Lounge bar in Kyiv

Stage: project Project year: 2017 Area: 100 sq.m. Location: Kyiv, Ukraine Designer: Ivanna Gaidarzhy