Office in Sauvignon, Odesa

Stage: construction is on a holdProject year: 2019Area: 800 sq.m.Location: Odesa, UkraineTeam: Cyrill Verbych, Dmitry Sivak


Bucha Stage: projectYear: 2020Area: 265 sq mLocation: Kyiv, UkraineКоманда: Dmitry Shmatenko, Dmitry Makagon, Sergey Molchanov, Alexandra Kryvtsovа, Dmitry Sivak Участок проектирования находится в дачном поселке, который был основан в начале прошлого столетия среди молодого леса, сохранившегося до нашего времени. Основное пожелание клиента — оставить на участке существующие многолетние сосны. Учитывая масштаб планируемой застройки, это стало одним […]

House W1

Stage: project is under constructionProject year: 2018Area: 300 sq.m.Location: Odesa, UkraineTeam: Dmitry Shmatenko, Dmitry Sivak A house for a young family who wants to live in the modern world, returning in the evening not to a medieval castle, but to a high-tech and at the same time externally calm house. 

Beach houses

Stage: project offer Project year: 2018 Area: 617 sq.m. Location: Odesa, Ukraine Architect: Stefan Gurtovoy The composition of the complex imitates the traditional for Odessa summer vacation scheme – light seasonal individual buildings for 1 family – but collects them on a common platform in which the café and administration are located. “Huts” are assembled […]

Summer house

Stage: project Project year: 2018 Area: 164 sq.m. Location: Kyiv, Ukraine Architect: Dmitry Shmatenko On the customer site, apart from the main house, there was an old 2-storey cottage that was not used and looked very sad against the backdrop of a beautiful garden. It was decided to build a small summer house with a terrace […]

House on the Fountain

Stage: projectProject year: 2018Area: 490 sq.m.Location: Odesa, UkraineTeam: Stefan Gurtovoy, Dmitry Sivak The project of a private house in Odessa. Architects of Ukraine are often accused that in their projects there is no clear binding to the place, because of which the architecture becomes too international. Therefore, we used sandstone, from which half of Odessa […]

Office in Odesa

Stage: projectProject year: 2018Area: 720 sq.m.Location: Odesa, UkraineArchitect: Dmitry Shmatenko Our office building in the center of Odessa does not repeat classical old architecture nearby, pretending that it belongs to another era. The facade is made with a terrace and the main part of it is separated from the flat line of the street wall. […]

Private house in Odesa

Stage: Project under construction Project year: 2018 Area: 198 sq.m. Location: Odesa, Ukraine Architect: Dmitry Shmatenko A young family wanted to build a private house in a quiet area of Odessa and turned to us for a project. The development of the project of this house went smoothly and thanks to the client’s confidence we […]

Sculpture workshop

Stage: projectProject year: 2018Area: 230 sq.m.Location: CroatiaArchitect: Dmitry Shmatenko The plot is located on a busy street in a dense building. The main desire of the client was to create a comfortable space for work and training. Technical rooms are located closer to the street and isolate the workshops from the noise of passing cars. […]

Cozy Box

Stage: project Project year: 2017 Area: 60 sq.m. Architect: Cyrill Verbych Project of a modular house commissioned by an international construction company. The house is designed in the dimensions of the cargo container, which makes it possible to transport it without any obstacles to any point of the planet by airplane or ship. There are several […]